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Robert Szulc

Born in 1984 in Kazimierz Biskupim. An artist with experience in the conservation of monuments throughout Poland. As a graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and an independent student at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Kielce, he has an extraordinary sense of art and craftsmanship.
He writes about his work: I was long inspired by others’ searches for someones else’s happiness and self-concradiction. Today, I am interested in the streets just before six in the morning, the upper parts of the city, lost worlds, the ambiguity of existence.

2022 – Group exhibition “Divergent Points” at Kolegiacki Art in Poznań.
2015 – Solo exhibition at the squat Odzysk in Poznań.
2013 – Group exhibition at the squat Odzysk in Poznań.
2011 – Post-competition exhibition “Solaris in my Eyes” for PKO BP in Poznań.
2010 – Group exhibition “Comics” at Art Łódź Center in Łódź.
2007 – Group exhibition in Morteau, France.
2005 – Solo exhibition “Great Analogy” in Konin.
2004 – Solo exhibition “Pictures” in Kazimierz Biskupim.
2003 – First prize in the competition for the logo of the 700th anniversary of the Kole Parish Church.

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