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Artur “AVAK” Uciechowski

Artur “AVAK” Uciechowski is a talented artist from Gdańsk who has dedicated himself to art from a young age. His artistic career began at the Fine Arts High School in Oliwa, where he specialized in photography. After two years of studies in cultural animation at the Academy of Fine Arts, he decided to develop his skills on his own.

AVAK is known for creating oil and airbrush paintings, murals and tattoos. Since 2014, he has been painting with an airbrush, preparing self-mounted primed canvases made of dyed linen to preserve the natural texture of the material. His current style is a combination of abstract art with a realistic technique. Abstract elements are spontaneous but not accidental, they are a visual representation of impressions caused by the realistic part of the painting, such as shapes and emotions that can be evoked by music accompanying the creation of the work.

AVAK pays special attention to the choice of materials and techniques that change their appearance under the influence of light. He uses matte and glossy varnishes, ultraviolet paints, and holographic glitters, making his paintings “react” to the environment in which they are located. It is impossible to make a photograph or reproduction that fully captures the content of AVAK’s original works. His unique style and applied techniques make each of his works unique and exceptional.

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